Friday, April 18, 2008

In your Bubble

Dans Ta Bulle, which literally means “In Your Bubble,” has been providing a niche market of Montrealers with exceptional beauty products since 2007. Specializing in all natural ingredients and production methods, this boutique is the make-up, hygienic product, cream and soap store with a conscience. In addition to having an all natural mandate, Dans Ta Bulle also makes an effort to showcase products made exclusively by Canadian artists and companies.
Fresh, Clean and Down-To-Earth.
An independent shop, Dans Ta Bulle makes a special effort to seek their products from local Montreal and regional Quebec suppliers. All products are hypoallergenic and are completely chem-free. With no synthetic products allowed in the store, you can be sure they are safe even for a baby’s skin! Offering replenishing mineral make-up, hair care products, lotions, body oils, scrubs, shower gel, bubble bath and deodorant, Dans Ta Bulle is a one-stop organics shop!
Just Be Yourself
Understanding that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, and that skin comes in all levels of sensitivity and resilience, Dans Ta Bulle prides itself on offering as many varieties of products for most varieties of natural skin types. On special occasion, such as Christmas, or for an anniversary, the shop offers custom-made baskets that the customer can fill with whatever items they wish. In addition to the baskets, there are gift certificates for any amount.

Everything you need to know about the skin

The skin is the largest human organ and fulfils many important functions. It protects the body against mechanical, chemical and thermal influences and damage, and also against many germs. It acts as a temperature regulator. It is important for maintaining water metabolism. It is a sensory organ for love, tenderness, pain, pressure and temperature. The skin is also an organ for communication (blushing, paling, stroking hair, etc.) and it is aesthetically very important for the external appearance of a person. It is therefore worthwhile to have a dedicated interest in skin.

The skin is made up of three layers:

Epidermis: protects against external factors
Corium: assures skin-nourishment, immune defense, and sensory perception
Subcutis: contains the fat cells, which store fat and water and are responsible for the skin’s elasticity

How much care does skin need?

Everybody wants a beautiful, soft, and supple skin. Having a healthy, wrinkle-free skin is not only a question of age: harmful environmental factors, UV-rays, unhealthy eating habits, stress, and psychological problems can accelerate the aging of the skin. Both the amount and the kind of care the skin needs largely depend on the skin type. Generally, it can be said that more mature skin requires more attention. From the age of thirty onwards, the first signs of aging skin can be detected. The skin’s fat production decreases, which leads to a loss of moisture. In turn, the skin gets drier and small wrinkles develop. With increasing age, the quality and amount of collagen and elastic fibers decreases: The skin becomes thinner and less elastic, which further adds to the appearance of wrinkles. The biological aging process cannot be stopped, but the right care can slow it down. To achieve this effect the skin should be cared for regularly and with products that are suitable for the respective skin type and its individual requirements.

Four different skin types

Normal skin
has fine pores
is well supplied with blood
is supple
Dry skin
is taut
feels dry
is prone to flakes, irritation and allergic reactions
Oily skin
is shiny; especially the T-zone looks oily
has large pores
sometimes develops spots and blackheads
Combination skin
is dry in the cheek- and hairline-area
is oily in the T-zone area

Dans ta bulle Natural skincare boutique

Dans ta bulle, natural skincare boutique where all natural and all Canadian products are proposed to the health conscious montrealers passing by. Dans ta bulle is a boutique situated in the Montreal Plateau area.
Its a cosy little boutique were you can find over 20 different labels most of which are small businesses. We want to promote the small hand made products from local artisans, that is the essence of Dans ta bulle.
We also offer some workshops for those who want to learn to make their own products in their kitchens.
Come in and have a look for yourself!